Testimonials support May 2, 2022


“My name is Clement Noll and I am writing this to give thanks to Torben Nielsen, founder of the RecycleKIDS Foundation Torben and Ali Sasso who gave me an opportunity to work for Mosquito Joe at a time when I was flat broke, thousands of dollars in credit card debt, no reliable transportation, living in a halfway house, thirty days sober from a devastating seven year drug and alcohol addiction, and uncertain of whether I was even going to be able to stay in South Florida due to the felony probation I was on in Missouri.
I started working for them and two weeks later I had to return home to check in with my probation officer. I did not know if I was even going to be able to come back, but they told me that if I did return, I would be able to come back to work for them. Luckily, within four days of being home in Missouri, I was released from probation. I quickly returned to my halfway house in South Florida. I hit the ground running with Mosquito Joe. They provided me a compensation for my work that enabled me to slowly crawl out from under almost $10,000 in credit card and other miscellaneous debt that I had accrued. Torben taught me life lessons, pushed me to hold myself to a higher standard, in and outside of work, and provided me with an opportunity to move up in the company. After 5 months Torben purchased a home and gave me the chance to be the very first tenant there, which for me, was an opportunity to take another step in the right direction. I lived there for a year, worked for Torben for a year and grew a lot through the time I was employed for them. I am writing this after being separated from the company for almost two years now as I decided to get into the health insurance industry. The landscape of my life now, compared to what it was prior to working for Torben, is almost unrecognizable. I owe a large portion of my growing process early on in South Florida to the care and support that was given to me from Torben, Ali Sasso and the RecycleKIDS Foundation.”

Beneficiary of RecicleKIDS

“I’m truly grateful for Torben and the opportunity to be enrolled into the Second Chance program.
When I arrived in Florida, I was financially, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally bankrupt.
I lost everything meaningful in my life due to drug and alcohol abuse. Torben and the Second Chance program provided me with the tools to rebuild a foundation within my personal life. I was provided a great job, with a career path, and affordable housing which allowed me to save money. Due to my credit I could not rent an apartment within a safe neighborhood but the Second Chance home provided a safe and comfortable environment. With a great job, beautiful housing, and personal mentorship from Torben, I’ve been given a second chance at life. I’m forever in debt to the Second Chance Program and truly thankful for the opportunities that have been provided to me. It’s beautiful to experience happiness from within the heart, and Torben and the Second Chance program have played a large role in providing this happiness. Thank you Torben and to the Second Chance Program!”

Health Insurance Agent, Secretary of RecicleKIDS



Chris has acquired his Bachelors of Education from East Stroudsburg University. Originally from Philadelphia, he now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. After holding several Finance positions, he has now built an important role as a partner in the group that finances RecycleKIDS and is actively working to better the lives of people with drug and alcohol abuse. The program Second Chance of Recycle Kids offers employment, housing, and other important elements to provide support for individuals with a past in alcohol and drug abuse. Chris is a key driver of the success of the Second Chance Program having lived the experience first hand which brings a unique perspective to the RecycleKIDS USA board.


Vice President

Julian grew up in the streets of Barcelona acquiring a first-hand experience of humble beginnings with socioeconomic limitations. He understands the importance of caring families and charitable initiatives that provide chances to economically disadvantaged children while keeping alive the hope of a better future. Julian was blessed to receive scholarships during his schooling in Spain and went on to receive an engineering degree at a New York state University, where he was voted captain of the varsity soccer team. After working as an engineer, he received an MBA from a leading European Institution. He went on to a 25-year career working in multinational for-profit organizations at executive levels managing companies in the USA and abroad.
Currently Julian is the founder and President of HiTemp Materials Corp, an international distributor and fabricator of advanced industrial materials based in the Houston area. He serves on the board of the Houston Dynamo Dash, a non-profit organization providing recreational and competitive soccer training for the Dynamo, Houston’s professional soccer team.



Torben was originally born in Denmark, having lived and worked in several countries both in Europe and the Americas he has developed a strong drive for value creation, with an even stronger commitment to improve the life’s of the less fortunate. RecycleKIDS America is Torben’s brainchild, and through its programs he channels this desire to better the living conditions and opportunities of people that need it. He holds an MBA of IESE, Barcelona and has had a distinguished professional career of thirty years both in Branded Goods and Franchising, before building an important privately held business with key partners. The Foundation is primarily funded by Blackhawk LLC of Palm Beach County and Hi-Temp Materials of Houston.